How To Perform Domain Whitelabelling For Your Email Marketing

Are You Having Low Open Rates For Your Emails?

You use killer email subject lines for all your emails, but your open rates still sucks?

When you are in this situation, chances are your emails are going into spam folder…

So whats the solution?


The Answer Is Klaviyo Sending Domain Whitelabeling

“Whitelbeling” means ‘Using a dedicated Sending Domain’

The benefit of using a dedicated sending domain is that your email sending reputation won’t be influenced by other
senders from the same email autoresponder platform.

How to start the whitelabeling process?


Step 1: Add CNAME Records To Your Domain DNS Settings

Look At The Picture Below:


Step 2: Start Your Sending Domain Warmup Schedule

Why should you ‘warm up’ your dedicated sending domain?

By default inbox providers like Gmail, Hotmail tends to by skeptical of new sending domain.

Your emails can easily end up in spam folder if you do email campaign or email blast straight away.

The right way to do it, is to start sending slowly (Use email automation flow to start email dripping).

By sending slowly, inbox providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo will “get used to” your sending domain.

By seeing it’s volume slowly increase and engagement stay high, then it will quickly establish a strong reputation with these inbox providers.

I hope this post will help you with your email marketing.

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