Why Use Email Marketing for My Shopify Store?

Email marketing is the oldest yet still the most profitable organic marketing channel to this day.

With special purpose-built email marketing tools, you can expect to achieve an additional 30%+ increase from organic sales on top of your total store revenue.

Over the years, the practice of email marketing is still effective, and is becoming more effective with the advantages of autoresponders and email service providers.

While many business owners may not be educated to the benefits of contemporary email marketing, as opposed to expensive paid ads channels which bring in the fast and big bucks, email marketing can help recover lost sales and drive repeat purchases without any ad spend.

Building an Email List for your Shopify Brand

Building an email list is one of our Shopify Email Marketing Services, which allows you to establish more relationships with warm visitors and customers that are interested in your brand.

A larger email list, when properly warmed up, may translate to more revenue.

When you drive more and more subscribers onto your email list, you can benefit from the following below:

Increase Profit Margins

As it’s becoming more expensive to run ads nowadays, there must be a solution to improve your profit margins using organic methods.

Our Shopify email marketing services will ensure we make good use of the new subscribers and past purchasers of your store, to connect with, and deliver messages that will compel them to buy from you time and time again.

Increase Customer Average Order Values

Identify the average order value (AOV), to track how you can better engage your subscribers with upsells and to develop email flows that are effective in increasing the average order values of your customers.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Past customers are more likely to become repeat customers in the future.

By studying the predictive analytics generated by your autoresponder, you can gauge the customer lifetime value of your customers more accurately and to identify new strategies for customer retention.

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