We’ll utilize e-commerce Email Marketing to generate an extra 15%-30% extra sales for your e-commerce brand, in turn helping you increase both your customer’s lifetime value and average order value.



We’ll incorporate Chatbot Marketing with Email Marketing. Chatbot Quiz Funnels and Chatbot Behavioural Marketing can allow you to generate an extra 10%-20% sales on top of your sales from Email Marketing. Chatbot Marketing helps increase sales for your store using Facebook Messenger, to run abandoned cart campaigns, answer customer questions.



We’ll combine SMS Marketing with our main Email Marketing strategies, allowing you to generate an extra 10% sales on top of your sales from Email Marketing

KC Chow Marketing will not be your typical go-to marketing agency for many reasons as you read on.

Having worked with small businesses to larger corporations around the world, we know that your success is determined by many different factors, including your involvement. For that we are very selective of our clients, because we know that in order to make your business thrive, our working relationship must be a two way street.

Here you will find an incredibly low risk solution to either:

1. Have us build out your email marketing for your business for the first time.
2. Place your existing email marketing to trusted hands.
3. Improve your existing email marketing strategy through our consultation.

Don’t like us? Cancel anytime, simple as that. If we can’t provide the right results and solutions for you, we’ll step out on our own. Nothing personal, and no hard feelings.

We’re only here for you, your business, and our long term relationship — not just a paycheck. And with a low risk on your end, the most you’ll lose is a one-time upfront commitment in the triple digits, which you may or may not want to take a shot at when you put the money where our mouths are, by clicking the button below to book a call with us today.