Push Notifications

This supplementary marketing platform sends instant promotional notifications directly to your customers’ smart devices

Why push notifications?

Higher User Engagement

110% increased engagement from your customers means more conversion

Better Customer Relations

Retain 70% more customers and increase their lifetime value by 50% on average


Instant Notifications on Mobile

Send notifications that are as powerful as SMS Messages without having to spend on SMS credits

Supplement Marketing Results

Along with email marketing, SMS marketing, and chatbot, Push Notifications generate 10-15% more revenue.

What We Can Do With Push Notification

Push Notification Copywriting

We write compelling copy for your visitors and customers for optimal conversion

Push Notification Popup

Capture site visitors and turn them into willing Push Notification subscribers

New Subscribers Nurturing

Develop relationships, retain customers, and increase their LTV

Cart Recovery Flow

Automatically remind customers of the amazing products they left behind in their carts

Promotional Campaigns

Send instant or scheduled notifications in conjunction with email marketing campaigns

Post Purchase

Letting people know that their orders are confirmed goes a long way in fostering customer relations


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