Have A Low Inbox Open Rate? We Have A Few Good Tips That You Could Try

Low inbox rate? Try this…

One of the best ways to increase your reputation with inbox reputation providers is to ask your email subscribers to whitelist your email

The more your contacts whitelist your “From” address, the more likely they are to inbox your email for all their users by default

You can include a list of “Whitelisting Instruction” inside your Welcome Email flow or host it on your webpage

For example:

Step 1: Host a giveaway contest / Lucky draw campaign

Step 2: Create a new page in Shopify, with ‘whitelisting’ instruction

Step 3: Send out an email to your subscribers and ask if they want to participate in Lucky draw campaign, they will need to click on the link and follow the instruction to mark your sending email as important.

Step 4: Create a segment base on

‘Clicked Email’ > Filter> Shopify ‘whitelisting’ URL

Step 5: Send an email campaign to your subscribers and ask them to reply with a screenshot to prove that they’ve whitelisted the email

Step 6: Send an email to those who replied with a screenshot, and let them know they’ve won 3rd or 5th prize of the lucky draw campaign, and they will get 20% Discount Store Wide or Gift Card or Cash Back Reward

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