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Will email marketing work if I am not running any paid ads?

The number one rule is the back end will not work without the front end. Unless your SEO alone is making you at least $150k/month, Email Marketing should not be a priority over paid ads at this stage.

Can I get 30% of Revenue from Email in as little as 1 month?

It is possible to reach 30% Revenue from Email after only one month of hiring our agency.

However this is highly subjective due to many external factors:

SEO, paid ads, quality of website visitors, product/service, unique selling proposition and offers, politics, time of the year, audience behavior, email list size, all contribute to your success with email marketing.

I have a very unique niche and business model, will your strategies work with my brand?

While email marketing can work for all eCommerce businesses. our strategies may differ depending on your business model and niche. Email is a great tool to build brand awareness, extend customer LTV and to build trust.

Generally speaking, any business needs one or more of these things to thrive. Chances are if you have a business, you can benefit from email marketing one way or another.

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If I have a little to no existing email list, can I still partner with your agency?

Yes, our agency works with businesses that want to build their email list from scratch, if and when your store’s SEO, and paid ads are fully optimized and functional to scale your Email Marketing effectively while offering you your return on investment.

Will your email marketing strategies apply if I am using another ESP like MailChimp or Omnisend?

While we firmly believe that Klaviyo is the most powerful ESP for eCommerce businesses at this time, we are open to assisting your migration into Klaviyo from any ESP.

Book a call with us for us to discover your needs for email marketing with ESPs outside of Klaviyo.

Do you work with brands outside of the USA?

Yes, we work with many eCommerce businesses around the world with marketplaces that do not include the USA.

We also have team members from around the globe, and we are eager to help you reach your business goals.

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