How To Maximize Your Email Marketing Sales With Klaviyo’s Whitelabeling

The recent update of Outlook 350 has caused a spike in bounced emails For those who are not aware, the update of Outlook 350 means sending domains without SPF and DKIM records will be blocked.

Therefore, as recommended by our account manager from Klaviyo, whitelabeling for all of our clients is necessary to improve the rate at which each email lands in the inbox.


DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records for email marketing


This is the simplest way to explain it SPF and DKIM records help increase trust with Inbox Service Providers (ISPs) like
Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

When you enable both records for your sending domain, it will raise your Domain or IP Sending score.

Klaviyo makes it easy for users to enable SPF and DKIM We just have to set up Klaviyo sending DNS records to your domain DNS section for it to work.

It is similar to our ‘credit score’ in real life when we want to apply for a loan, where the bank checks your track record first It takes time to build the credit score but it is easy to ruin it.

The same concept applies to email sending reputation Warming up the list takes time but enabling SPF and DKIM helps.

It is important to know that it takes a few months of consistent email sending to build up your reputation, but it only takes less than one month of inconsistency to ruin it.


Whitelabeling Your Account In Klaviyo:


? Step One: Set up a DNS record

Go to Google and search “Klaviyo’s Whitelabeling Instructions” and follow the steps to set up your DNS record


? Step Two (A very important step to make the whitelabeling process successful):

After you set up the DNS settings, you can split your campaign sending into smaller segments and spread it over a few days.


Day 1: Send to (Ultra-Engaged), Segment size: 200
Day 2: (Hyper-Engaged), Segment size: 2000
Day 3: (Engaged), Segment size: 10,000
Day 4: (Buyers), Segment size: 20,000
Day 5: (All-Active), Segment size: 60,000 (split it into half, one in the morning and one at night)

Each campaign will exclude the segment from the previous day This is just an example You can rearrange it based on the engagement level and the size of your segments.

The last important thing is to use the “Smart Send” feature, the AI will find the best time to send the email to each subscriber to maximize open rates.


The Results?

After the whitelabeling process, we saw an increase in open rates and sales from both highly engaged segments and less engaged segments, take a look at the screenshots below:

Klaviyo Sending Domain Whitelabel Results

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