Can You Stay Awake To Make 6-Figures With 4 Emails?

Okay the truth is you’ll have to do a little more than that… but not much more

Just stay awake, write 4-7 emails that are 50-150 words each, and go to sleep while it makes you $100,000+/month on autopilot Can you do that? We’ll see…

This is a post that is normally for eCommerce business owners who are running their email marketing or are thinking of doing so

If you are not an eCommerce business owner email marketer… then none of this will make sense to you and you will either get bored and stop reading after a few lines or find this very informative for as long as you don’t fall asleep…

I am KC Chow, and I’ve just set your expectations before reading this really loooooooong post… ??

…but wouldn’t you want to make 6-figures from a few emails?

If writing 4-7 simple emails brought you $100,000+/month on autopilot…

If you can write 50-150 word email flows and forget you ever wrote them months down the road…

Wouldn’t any of this pay off in the long (or short) run?

If you’re like anyone in their right mind and said “YES”, I’ll reply with “I know right? Why not?”

If you say no then, you’re crazy and I don’t want to talk to you because you’re not fun to be around

So here we go, 6-figures with 4+ emails

This is how you do it


What is a Welcome Email Flow?

People have been name-calling it different things like Welcome Email Flow, Exit-Intent Flow, On-Site Retargeting Flow or Pre-Purchase Flow…

… yeah, this flow has gotten bullied a lot


BUT, a well-crafted Welcome Email Flow can do more than just get picked on, such as:

?  Improving your inbox rates (Getting those emails delivered at the right email addresses and not sending emails to the Spam folder)

?  Pre-purchase nurturing and boosts in sales (Because Welcome Email Flows are great with people, selling to them before they’re even being sold)

?  Building strong, long-lasting relationships with your subscribers (…that sums it up)

?  By thanking your website visitors for subscribing, and introducing yourself as well as your brand, people may find you friendly to shop from and you can win over their hearts and encourage them to feel good about purchasing your products

Still with me? Good ??

What you need, “The Tools”:

?  You will need Pop-Ups, choose an app that can create these windows that pop up in front of your website visitor’s face and get them to join your email list, by offering them an incentive (usually a discount from their first purchase) simply said

?  You will need an Email Service Provider I just call it an ESP, and I use Klaviyo for my clients as well as for YOU, the reader of this post to present to you an example of how I helped my clients get $100k+ with a single flow But you already knew that… moving on

?  With Klaviyo and an integrated Pop Up App such as Privy or OptinMonster, you can make super fancy Pop-Ups that your website visitors simply cannot resist Both applications can be integrated into your email service provider

When most people hear about pop ups, they instantly think of spam, and that it will hurt their conversion rates

You’ve probably heard of this saying before, “It’s not the tool, it’s how you use it”

So this is me telling you that I’m not encouraging you to make your pop up as gigantic as the whole entire screen… You will only piss people off and they will have every right to shop elsewhere if that happens

If you set up the proper targeting and timing correctly, and use an eye-catching design, the pop up will boost your sales in the manner that you want it to

Would it be spammy and distracting? Or would it be value driven and entertaining?

The choice is yours



What Happens Next?

So you’ve set up your pop-up, you made it all fancy, you might’ve gotten carried away with how good it looks

Eventually, someone sees it and… BOOM! ???

They add themselves to your email list because they wanted that special discount you offered, which triggers the flow and gets Welcome Flows sent to them

It is only at this point that you should be proud of the pop-up that you designed on your store


Anyways you’ll need to play the waiting game as this point for a specific time interval, and that interval is between the time when:

1) … your website visitor gets all starry-eyed at your pop-up and enters his/her email address and 2) when the first email of the Welcome Flow gets sent to them

After that, you can add time delays when you want them to get hit with one of your emails And conditional splits, if they do or don’t do something then they will get an upsell email or a reminder email

For Those of You Who Want The Step-by-Step Flow Structure…


Step #1 – Set Up an Exit-Intent Pop Up

?  Create and split your Popup into Desktop & Mobile versions

?  For the Desktop version, use the “Pop Up” template

?  For the Mobile version, use the “Flyout” template

?  Exclude the cart page and the checkout page (because we don’t want to interrupt their checkout process)

?  Find out the average exit-intent timing inside your Shopify reports, then set it as the Pop-Up trigger timing (Analytics > Session By Device > Average Session Duration)

?  Connect it to the Klaviyo list


Step #2 – Disable the Double-Opt-In for Your Email List

Step #3 – Set Up the Flows

This is the flow chart

The Results?

This flow has generated an extra $100,000! ?

Klaviyo Welcome Email Flow Results

P.S. Please note that the results of your Welcome Email Flow highly depend on your front-end traffic volume If you have sufficient daily traffic volume on the front-end, you can use this flow to further boost your sales and retain website visitors who are most likely to exit your website ????

The process of setting up email marketing can be tedious If you’d like to have a team of email marketing experts to execute their strategies for you, contact us now!

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