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When It Comes To Email Campaign Strategy, It Is About Frequency, Timing, And Segmentation.


The common mistake that most people make is that most people just do an email blast to their entire email database.

The problem with this strategy is that not all of your subscribers are highly engaged with your email.

What happens if you keep sending emails to those who are not highly engaged with your email?

Your sending reputation with inbox providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo will decrease; that means most of your emails will go into the spam folder or promotions tab.

Your emails are less likely to get discovered by your subscribers who are ready to buy again and your overall sales will drop.


The Solution?


Use “Micro-Segmenting Email Campaign” Strategy


So Here Is How It Will Work…


With this strategy, you should send different types of email campaigns to different segments based on their email engagement level, certain behavior, and frequency of buying.


For Example.


Buying Frequency (Buyers 1-10 Days Ago) (Hyper Buyers 1-10 Days Ago), send them an upsell, more promotional emails, because they are more likely to buy from you again.

(with this segment, I suggest you exclude those who purchased in the last 14 days because you don’t want to upset them)

Browse Item Frequency (Browse 1-10 Days Ago), send a reminder to encourage them to buy.

Opened Email Frequency, (Engaged level 1-10), only send promotional emails to those who opened your emails in the last 50 days.

With the “Micro-Segmenting Email Campaign”, you can maximize the potential of your email database,

by nurturing the relationship with customers and train them to accept your offers with the email campaign – so that you can generate sales on command.?

that’s it for today, I hope it helps

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