3 Types Of Emails You Can Use To Sky Rocket Your Business Sales Now!

In this article, I am going to cover three types of emails that you can implement to your business, and start seeing result fast.

First Type: Survey Email

The purpose of this “Survey Email” is to find out what your audience wants to see, writing emails is a lot different than social media ads. One of the main differences is that people want their emails to be personal and tailored specifically to them. This is where research comes in. Many people make sales from ads based on their OFFER. In your emails, having a great offer is essential, but so is the copy you use to build up to it. You have to know what your customer wants to hear.

Second Type: Content Email

After you have done the survey email, right now you can send out content email base on your email subscriber interest.

Your content should fall into one of the following categories:

1. Storytelling

2. Thought leadership

3. Case studies

4. Infographics/data/research

5. Templates/checklists/how-to guides

6. Long form informative content

Third Type: Sales Email

Sales emails are the ultimate money maker. This is a process of completing the previous two steps is going to help you nail it with your sales emails.

Sales emails aren’t meant to be sent every day. Give yourself and your list a reason to be making receiving this sales email, be creative with your promotions. – Make it feel like it’s actually something special they are receiving for being on the email list. Promoting the same thing over and over again or sending sales email every day will make your list blind to your offer and they do not want to open your emails, this is the mistakes that most people make. Here are some examples:

1. Give a discount

2. Give a gift card

3. Offer to send a free bonus item with their purchase

4. Offer free checkup

5. Offer buy one get one deal

6. Create a contest/giveaway

7. Create your unique offer based on your services

8. Luckydraw


BONUS: Email Schedule

Monday: Survey Email

Tuesday: Content Email

Wednesday: Sales Email

Thursday: Content Email

Friday: Sales Email

Saturday: Content Email

Sunday: Content Email


Lastly, here is a great quote for you

“They buy because of what you sell, they stay because of who you are.”

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