Leveraging Email Marketing to Increase Sales up to 80% for E-Commerce Brands

In this interview, we spoke about his journey towards building a successful agency, his ideas and learnings of email marketing and how it can be helpful for entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space.

In this interview, KC shares:

  1. Biggest mistakes made by e-com entrepreneurs in terms of backend profit maximization.

Have his clients been facing any dip in revenue due to IOS 14 updates.

  1. The biggest mistakes businesses make in email marketing.
  2. What percent of extra revenue can be obtained by utilizing backend profit systems like email marketing?
  3. What kind of emails to send to our mailing list with examples.
  4. Apart from email marketing, what other sources to use for backend profit maximization?
  5. What are the best email sequence
  6. Frequency of emails to our mailing list.
  7. How to approach starting sending emails to one’s mailing list?
  8. How to clean the mailing list for unresponsive members?
  9. How to address the falling conversion rates with Privy.
  10. The right time to start email marketing.
  11. How many emails to schedule and the gap between the two emails?

Leveraging Email Marketing to Increase Sales up to 80% for E-Commerce Brands

by Kc Chow & Nishkarsh Sharma | Tap To Listen


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