How We Generated An Extra 28% Email Revenue Before Black Friday

Klaviyo Ecommerce BFCM Email Results

One of our newest clients who came to us was only doing 3% in email revenue total

He didn’t have a proper email marketing strategy in place, his old way of sending email campaign wasn’t targeted enough, also want to mention that his brand got a huge email list but due to lack of maintenance we found out that there are a lot of ‘Burned Out’ subscribers, bounced email addresses, etc


So, Here Are What We Did:

1) list cleaning before sending out any email campaign

My team and I decided to do an in-depth list cleaning before we launch the first email campaign, just want to make sure our email will inbox better

2) identify highly targeted segmentation to send the email campaign

We used Klaviyo’s data to find out the hyper engaged subscribers and those who’ve been hyper-active in buying, and then we created a special segment for these subscribers

3) Found out the subscribers’ demographics, tweak the copy and make it resonate with them.

After gaining an understanding of the target audience, we were able to identify the preferences of the buyers and have come to learn their expectations.

Based on this information we were able to target these specific buyers and speak to them in a way that they were particularly engaged by.

We used the same Kind of writing style which they prefer and resonate with them.

4) Identify the best time to send the campaign

According to the data in Klaviyo, we found out that their subscribers usually open the emails around lunch time.

Therefore, we chose 2 pm to start, approximately an hour after their lunch time,

5) Featured the best sellers in our email

Best-selling products will only sell more, therefore we added in a special section in our email template to feature some of the best sellers to boost the sale,


The Results?

The overall campaign generated an extra 28% (roughly $70,000)


Here Are A Few Actionable Steps For You Before You Launch Any Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Campaign:

Step 1: Clean your list

Step 2: Identify your hyper engaged segment and different group of buyers

Step 3: Write the copy that resonate (inject pain points, features and benefits & sense of ownership)

Step 4: Leverage the data in Klaviyo to find out the best time to send your email campaign

Step 5: Feature your best sellers in your email and make it sell more

There you go, 5 steps checklist before you launch your Black Friday email campaign

Look, BFCM is just around the corner, if you are not preparing for the right strategies, you’re definitely going to miss out on big opportunity to make a ton of sales

If you are struggling to find out the best strategies for your ecommerce store, send me a message, my team and I are happy to take over your email marketing for BFCM 


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