How To Skyrocket Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Campaign Conversion Rate

How to skyrocket your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Campaign Conversion Rate (by adding one simple element into your email template)

How? The answer is “Countdown Timer”

When the clock is ticking on a deal, customers think they must act ASAP because they are running out of time.

You can trigger a sense of urgency by sending a countdown timer through your email. These timers for emails can be effective parts of your email marketing strategy because they get your recipients to act quickly (especially for big promo like Black Friday or Cyber Monday)

This method will skyrocket your CTR (Click Through Rate) and Conversion Rate. It helps you generate more sales
Using visual elements is successful because they help grab the attention of the audience.

It reinforces the sense of urgency

People process this type of content much faster; that’s why seeing an actual clock helps understand that time is passing and they have to act now.

You can use this principle in your next campaign if you want to speed up the decision making of your customers. Or you could even use countdown timer to boost your Popup conversion

Top 2 apps that you can use to create responsive countdown timer for Email template:

1) countdownmail
2) sendtric

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