Using BFCM Email Strategies For All Your Future Big Promotional Sales

Ecommerce Brand BFCM 2020 Email Marketing Results

(BFCM Email Marketing Results)

If you have been following me for some time you might have seen some of my occasional case studies of my current clients that I’ve been posting to offer you new ideas for your own email marketing strategies.

Today’s post will be just as the title says.

But as you already know, BFCM has ended for 2020 which means we can’t apply the same strategies for all future holiday campaigns, right?


The strategies for BFCM can be implemented with future big holiday sale campaigns.

Here’s how.

Step 1: Offers

If you don’t have a good offer, don’t even think about it.

That being said, piecing together great deals and offers take priority over the means and delivery of providing them.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how well you plan out your promotional calendar, set up new flows, or craft new emails with fancy pictures in them. If you don’t have a good offer, you won’t make sales.

Here’s what you can do before all of that.

As early as at least a month prior to promoting your offers, brainstorm ideas of deals that have worked very well before and add a twist to it in order to make it unique. Don’t feel limited to offering only a single offer. Multiple offers, such as bundles and Buy-2-Get-1-Free deals can become more enticing the more you think about it.

Scatter these deals across your 2, 5, 10 days or however long you want to run your campaign, and maintain the urgency as you switch certain offers on and off as the days go by to keep your customers on their toes and eager for the next deal that unlocks after the current deal expires.  

And this is why it is important to inform your subscribers about the dates they should expect, and the deals that would be offered for each of them in this next step.


Step 2: Landing Pages

Change up your popup form to drive traffic to your landing page, send out an email broadcast campaign to get people to remind subscribers of what’s going to happen. Weeks before the actual sale, let people know what’s worth marking down on their own calendars and the sequence of sales that will take place between two dates.

Countdown timers are hard to miss, and are really useful for your landing page, emails, as well as your pop ups.


Step 3: Reward The VIPs

If a subscriber has signed up to receive reminders for your deals, that indicates a high degree of interest in what you have to offer.

Setup your Pop Up and landing pages to welcome subscribers into your VIP list so that they get to save a bit more on all of your exclusive offers, than if they hadn’t joined your VIP list.

During the sale, non-VIPs will still be able to shop your deals, but VIPs will have access to a slightly more enticing deal… because they are VIPs.


Step 4: Holiday Specific Email Flows And Pop Ups

The same goes with BFCM, adjusting your flows and pop ups to match the current seasonal sale and offers at present time can keep fresh email subscribers in the loop of what you have going on.

Here’s a BFCM example of what to tweak:

Pop Up Form – Match the message and encourage people to shop right away with a link in their email when they check their inbox. If the sale hasn’t begun yet, send them an invitation to join the VIP list.

The following is an example of the strategy we’ve used during BFCM:

When the sale has launched, target these VIPs in a segment/list with a special invitation to the VIP offers.

In the case for all non-VIPs, update the Pop Up at the launch of the sale to send all non-VIP subscribers a link to your non-VIP offers.

BFCM Welcome Flow – Change up the content in your Welcome Flow to entice new subscribers to dive straight into your deals by offering them a Call-to-Action to your landing page. They should already know what to expect when they’ve signed up through your popup form.

BFCM Browse Abandonment and Abandoned Cart Flow – Tweak these flows to give it a seasonal touch, with use of images or content that relates to the current sale that you are offering. But of course, function over form as these are Browse Abandonment and Abandoned Cart Flows.


Step 5: Warming Up And Cooling Down

Don’t be afraid to send more aggressively as you normally would when there are no sales ongoing. This is especially helpful when retargeting non-buyers and non-openers. 

During a sales period where your sending frequency has increased over the course of several days, don’t forget to have a period of cooling down to maintain your email sending reputation. 

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