Top 8 Ways To Boost Sales For Your Email Marketing Campaign

1) Segment your Subscribers through Action Trigger

There are many ways to segment your mailing list, for example, survey results, emails openers, certain products’ buyers and emails’ clickers etc. Segmentation can increase your email subscribers’ engagement because you will be able to craft relevant and valuable email content base on their segment and interest level. You will start to see positive ROI when you begin to segment your email subscribers.

2) Email to your Subscribers More Often

Most of the business owner made the mistake of not mailing to their email list often, your list will eventually become cold email again. The benefit of mailing consistently is to build the relationship and convert them into high paying clients, most people don’t buy at their first sight, and they don’t even know they need your services or products to solve their problems. The best way to do it is to mail them more often, and educate them with valuable content, ideally one day one email.

3) Keep your Email Interesting

Ever wonder why your email open rate drop significantly? One of the main reason is your email sounds too professional, you should write in an entertaining yet informative way. Another reason is you probably bombarded your email subscribers with a bunch of information, keep your email copy less than 200 words, I have seen people copy and paste their 1000 words blog post into their email, ask yourself this, how will you react when you open an email, and you see 1000 words in it?

4) Write in One Person

The best way to build trust and connection with your email subscribers, is to write it in one person, think about how you write an email to your best friend, write from that angle, people don’t buy because they understand what you sell, they buy because they feel understood. In your email, dig into their pain point, relate to their struggle, this is the best way to make them feel understood.

5) Make it Easy to Read

The best structure is 5 to 6 words per line, and no more than 6 lines per paragraph, the reason for this structure is to let your email subscribers easy to scan through your email, so it won’t consume a lot of their time and energy to read your email, ultimately it will lead to better engagement rate.

6) The Power of the Subject Line

The main factor that affects your email open rate is your email subject line. The ideal subject line is to “speak directly” to your reader’s mind, that means it must be relevant and something that’s important to them, especially something related to their pain point. Remember your email subscribers only care about “what’s in it for me?”, that’s why before any email campaign you have to do enough research about your target audience to know exactly what kind of subject line will trigger their interest.

7) Split Test Your Email

Split testing your email campaign allow you to find out what works best for your target email subscribers, Split testing is nothing but a method to testing a different version of your emails for a different segment of list, you will be able to perfect your overall campaign and get better results eventually.

8) Repeat your Successful Campaign

Your successful email marketing campaign can be repeated with new subscribers and the ones that did not make a purchase. This will increase your ROI, also you can resend those successful emails to those who did not open the email the first time. You can even tweak the emails and resend to existing buyers and get the most sales out of your email marketing campaign.

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