Top 5 Tips on How To Craft A Cold Email For Higher Response Rate

Tip 1: Subject Line

Your email is only as good as your subject line, and there are a lot of information available online about writing a high converting subject line. But the best way to find a good subject line is to look at your past metrics, find which subject line convert the best.

Here is a very good cold email subject line that you can use, “Quick Question about ( x )” the X can be their company name or product name. I have use this a lot of times, and this subject line convert the best for me.


Tip 2: Do Your Research

One of the main tricks to increase response rate is to include their personal or business information inside the cold email. It is actually crazy how many cold emails I’ve receive with my name spelled wrong, not knowing my career, and so on and so forth. Don’t let the security of being behind the a screen allow you to have a lesser quality conversation.


Tip 3: Make It Personal And Professional

You will need to personalize every cold email for different receiver. One of the best technique is to mention their name inside the email, they will feel like you are actually talking to them, and you don’t sound like a bot.


Tip 4: Only include one clear Call To Action

It will look salesy when you include more than one call to action. Only include one call to action at the end of content paragraph. I highly recommend driving them to a landing page with a video sales letter attached, it will increase credibility and trust if they can hear your voice and see you demonstrating the product or your services.


Tip 5: Stop Talking About Yourself

Remember your prospect only care about “What’s in it for me?” don’t start your email by writing long paragraph about yourself and how great your company is, you should really focus on explaining how you can help them solve their existing problems.

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