Top 3 Tips To Prevent Your Emails From Going To The Spam Folder

Email Spam Folder

Your email keeps sending to the spam folder?

You will lose a lot of money when your email starts landing into spam box, even though you have the high converting
email automation set up.


Tip 1: Clean Your Email List

How do you know when it is time to start cleaning your list? One of the big signs is when your “Open Rate” and “Click
Through Rate” start dropping significantly, when it happens, chances are your email start landing in spam inbox. The
solution? scrub your email list, I recommend using the service provider called ZeroBounce to scrub your email list.

Q: How often should you clean your list?

A: If you are driving a huge amount of traffic to your site, and you are building your email list very fast, then you will need to do it every day.


Tip 2: Check You Domain Mailing Status

I recommend using MXToolBox to check your domain mailing blacklist status.

What to do when your domain got blacklisted?

Two Tricks Here:

1) Reduce you’re your mailing frequency.

2) Change your mailing domain to something like your original mailing domain, after a period, change it back.


Tip 3: Encourage Your Subscribers To Whitelist Your Email

The benefits of this action:

1) You will be better recognized by the email service provider that you are sending to. 

2) It reduces the chances of your mail being regarded as spam and landing in the junk folder.

Let your subscribers know the value of adding you to their address book, along with simple instructions to whitelist your email, as sometimes it may feel more complicated than it actually is.

Following this process will allow subscribers to seamlessly add you to their safe sender list and will make sure that
all of your future mail will be delivered to their inbox.

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