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Klaviyo 80k Email Marketing Scaling Strategy

Today I am going to share to you how we helped a brand to scale their email marketing sales from 64% to 82% per month.

This post is meant to be inspirational.

Since it’s possible for another ecommerce store we’ve worked with to go from 64% revenue generated from email to 82% per month…

Yes… you guessed it. You can too. ??

But just a bit of a background on this store in particular, it had more than 100 products.They rely heavily on their
existing email list to generate sales, and they are not spending a lot on paid ads.

Many ecommerce business owners are grateful to reach 20-30% email marketing revenue as that is already a known standard for a well built email marketing foundation. So pushing past 64% is rarely heard of.

But this brand knew the value of email marketing and took what was already well sought after by some, to achieve greater leaps and bounds as they saw more room for improvement.

And in two to three months, 82% from a month of email marketing revenue is the result.

Here is the break down of what we did to scale their email sales to 82% per month:


? Step 1: Our List Cleaning Strategy

List cleaning often gets neglected, however, you should get into the habit of cleaning out the lists below before
attempting to optimize other areas of email marketing.


Here Are Some Of The Segments That We Cleaned:

List Clean 1: Those who opened email “zero times” overall time + Placed order zero times overall time +
Received Email at least “10 Times” ??

Note: This segment serves no purpose at all, because they received an email at least 10 times, but opened zero times and placed order zero times.


List Clean 2: Those who “Placed Order” at least “once” overall time + Opened Email “Zero Time” overall
time + Received Email at least “10” overall time ??

Note: This segment purchased at least once, but they received at least 10 emails and never opened any of them. That
means our sending reputation will drop if we still send to this segment, and this segment is less likely to purchase
through email.


List Clean 3: Basic Clean – Bounced Email, Dropped Email, Marked As Spam ??

“Marked As Spam” ?

“Dropped Email” (Email was not sent because the email address is suspicious, for example, invalid
emails, spam trap emails) ?

“Bounced Email” (Soft Bounced or Hard Bounced) ?

Note: When they marked your email as spam, future emails that will be sent to them will land in the spam folder. So it
is wise that we exclude these segments or suppress them.


? Step 2: Optimise Sending Reputation With Klaviyo’s Domain White Labeling

With an aged Klaviyo account or large sending volume account, it is wise to set up Klaviyo’s sending domain

Klaviyo’s domain whitelabeling works a lot better when you are a large volume email sender.

For more details on how to set it up, please search on Google “Klaviyo’s sending domain whitelabeling”.


? Step 3: Optimise Existing Email Flows

Some of the things within the flows that we optimised:

 Improve email template – reduce images within email template

An email template with a lot of images tends to have a lower inbox rate. It increases the file size of an email and
makes it load much slower. By decreasing the amount of images in an email template, the email will reach more
subscribers and result in higher sales.


Time Delays – Sending Time ??

Time delays play a huge role in making emails convert, the idea is to deliver the right message at the right time to the
right audience.


Added Behavioral Retargeting Into Flows ??

Retargeting is a great way to give them a nudge to complete certain actions. Two of the most common email retargeting that we have been using are “Opened Email” & “Placed Order”.


Added Up Sell / Cross Sell Email Within Existing Flows ??

Product recommendation cross sell email has been working well, because subscribers get to know more about what you have to offer. Klaviyo AI will recommend the products that they are most likely to buy next.


? Step 4: Build Advanced Email Flows

Flows that we set up: 

1) Abandoned Cart (Product Specific For Top 10 Selling Collections) ????

Note: For each collection specific abandoned cart flow, the email copy will tailor specifically to that particular
product or collection, so that we can go deeper with the features and benefits from persuasive copywriting.


2) Browse Abandonment (Product Specific For Top 10 Selling Collections) ????

Note: Almost the same as the previous one, for each collection-specific browse abandonment flow, the email copy will
tailor specifically to that particular product or collection, so that we can go deeper with the features and benefits
from persuasive copywriting.


3) Customer Winback (First Timers, Second Timers, Third Timers) ????

Note: For customers who have been through the ‘Customer Winback – First Timers’ , they will go through different level
of Customer Winback flow. The idea is not to let them get too used to the same timing and achieve more copywriting
personalisation for each flow


?? Other advanced ideas that you can use if you are in similar situation: ?

 Abandoned Cart (second timers) + Abandoned Cart (third timers) ????

Note: For customers who have placed an order for more than 2 times, chances are, they already know the trick. They
already know which email they can expect to get incentives with..

With these two flows we will acknowledge them for trying to make another purchase, and we will offer them different

I recommend offering bundle deals for the first two emails in the flow, if they still do not purchase, we
can offer a better incentive. The idea is to not let them see the same message and expect the same incentive over and

On-Site Exit Intent Retargeting Flow (for Top 5 Sellers or collections) ????

Note: For those who tried to exit the website they will get a popup and they will sign up to get a discount code. Then
they will enter the Exit Intent Retargeting Flow, and get specific messages according to the collection of products that
they are interested in.

Re-engagement Flow (Re-engage those who never opened emails for a while) ????

Note: We will re-engage those who never opened an email for the last 90 days, with this flow we will provide incentives
to re-engage with them to win them back as our active customers.

That’s it for now, I hope it helps.


P.S. Disclaimer: Please note that results like this are not typical, however you can implement some of
these ideas and
take your email marketing to the next level. ??????

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