How To Utilize Value Based Emails To Maximize Your Email Sales And Improve Your Email Inbox Rate

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Why Do You Need To Send Value Based Email Campaigns?

Did you know that acquiring a new customer can cost as much as 5 times more than retaining an existing one? 

Making the most of email marketing as part of your back end strategy means engaging, establishing, and maintaining relationships with your existing customers.

There’s no better way to keep your customers entertained and thus looking forward to receiving your emails than value-based email campaigns. 

These content-rich emails are filled with information that is relevant to your customer base, giving them better reasons to stay in your email campaign list. This gives you more opportunities to get them to be repeat customers, or in a way, become your most loyal fans.

The more engagement you get from your emails, the better your email sending reputation will become. Needless to say, this will improve your sales especially in the long run.

So how do you determine the promotional and value based emails ratio?

Read on…


A General Guideline For Promotion & Value Based Emails Ratio 

Step1: Create segment based on subscribers’ engagement level (Opened Email)

Engaged between 1-10 Days ago (Segment Name: Engaged 1-10)

Engaged between 11-20 Days ago (Segment Name: Engaged 11-20)

Engaged between 21-30 Days ago (Segment Name: Engaged 21-30)

Engaged between 31-40 Days ago (Segment Name: Engaged 31-40)

Engaged between 41-50 Days ago (Segment Name: Engaged 41-50)


Step2: Email Campaign Strategy For Improving Inbox Rate & Subscribers Engagement


(Engaged 1-10) > you can send a higher volume of promotional emails to this segment

Ratio: 3 to 4 promotional emails per week and 1 to 2 content emails per week

(Engaged 11-20) > test it with a high volume of promo emails, if the open rate drops then decrease the promo emails amount and increase the content emails amount

Ratio: 2 to 3 promo emails / 2 to 3 content emails per week

(Engaged 21-30) > decrease the overall email campaign volume per week

Ratio: 0 to 1 promo email / 2 content emails per week

(Engaged 31-40) > Only content emails, to make them engage

Ratio: 3 Content emails per week

(Engaged 41-50) > Only content emails

Ratio: 2 Content emails per week

Note: our goal is to slowly move the less engaged subscribers up to the higher engagement level of segments, so that we can send them higher frequency of promotional emails.

Have a look at our clients’ results above, we’ve been using the same structure above to determine the right email broadcast frequency for our clients. If you implement the suggestions above, you could possibly achieve similar results.


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