How to Set up your Email Marketing Foundation for Q4

Is Your Email Marketing Ready For Q4?

Setting up your email marketing foundation for Q4

Today I am going to share about the foundations for email marketing, and what will prepare for Q4. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were high volume email sending days.

Your email marketing strategy won’t (and shouldn’t) be either. In face, t takes time to establish a solid email
marketing foundation.


Why Is It Important For Q4?

You will need to have a good email sending reputation, to be able send a higher volume of emails during Q4’s big promo period in order to make the most out of it.

Therefore, establishing the right email marketing foundation is mandatory for high volume email sending and scaling.
Once that’s done, you will be in a better position to send emails at an increased volume for Q4’s big promo period.


The Top 5 Email Marketing Foundations, What Are They?


? Foundation 1 – Setting Up The Pop Up

Set up a solid lead capturing process and grow your email list. The bigger your email list, the more sales you are going
to generate with emails during Q4’s big promo. Build out the best popup strategy that will help you capture your website visitors and convert them into email subscribers, without having to sabotage your front end conversion.


? Foundation 2 – Establish And Warm Up Your Sending Reputation

It takes several months of email sending to build up a decent email sending reputation, but it takes a few weeks of not sending emails to diminish it. With Q4’s big promo period, we are going to be more aggressive than ever with your email strategy. Without a decent email sending reputation your emails will not have the maximum capability to reach to your subscribers.


? Foundation 3 – Building Trust And Nurturing Subscribers And Customers

Building the customers’ relationship is important, because that’s what email marketing is all about if you want to
create a profitable relationship with your customers and subscribers. It will take months to establish trust and
customer relationships.

So how can you do this? Sending out more value based content emails more often will help your brand stand out
amongst the others out there that are only spamming promotional emails all the time. Offer value, your emails perform better with it.


? Foundation 4 – Gathering Data

Gather data for different behaviours such as Best Sending Time, Best Sending Day, Buying Behaviour, Opened Email
Frequency. By gathering data throughout several months will allow you to identify the best sending day and
sending time that will yield the best results for your Q4 promotional campaigns.


? Foundation 5 – Setting Up The 4 Core Email Automation Flows


?  Pre-Purchase Nurturing Flow – Target Cold Audience

These email flows target those who left your site and haven’t made any purchase. This flow is designed to
nurture them with value based emails in order to be converted into first time buyers.


?  Cart Abandonment Flow – Warm Audience

These series of email flows will target those who haven’t finished their purchase at the checkout but are
moderately interested in what it has to offer. Bring them back to your store to remind them to complete their order(s).


?  Browse Abandonment Flow – Warm Audience 

This flow targets window shoppers, and it is designed to give them a ‘nudge’ to purchase what they are already
interested in based on other similar or related products at your store.


?  Post Purchase Nurturing Flow – Hot Audience

This flow can also be considered as the customer’s retention flow. The post purchase experience for a customer
is important. Knowing that your business appreciates their support for it and that you are showing that you care
about their business increases the lifetime value of the customer and encourages repeat business.

Use these tips to lay out the foundations and preparations for your Q4 Email Marketing Strategy, start early,
and don’t let Black Friday Cyber Monday become a disaster this year. Good luck.

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