Email Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce Brand Owners

Maximizing Paid Ads Through Email Marketing Strategy

Hi, everyone. Here is my interview with Adan de la Cruz whom I am helping with his ecom business. He is one of many ecom business owners who had once only focused on paid ads without realizing how much money a good email marketing strategy could bring.

With my strategy, you can generate an additional 10-30% or more just from email marketing within an average of 3 months.

Email marketing is a good way of safeguarding your customer’s data even if you accidentally get banned from Facebook. You can rely on email marketing to keep your business afloat and recover faster by exporting data to your new account.

While email marketing greatly depends on paid ads to get subscribers, it is a very good way to keep them and eventually develop long-term customers.

For a start, I recommend using Klaviyo as your autoresponder and setting up the 4 foundational email automation flows. These are the:

a) Welcome or Pre-purchase Flow

b) Cart Abandonment Flow

c) Browse Abandonment Flow

d) Post-purchase or Nurturing Flow

These four help utilize the stages of your clients’ behavior from when they are highly engaged down to when they are least engaged.

In creating these flows, first define the purpose of the flow, then create your copy and sending times based on your clients’ behavior.

For example, for the Welcome Flow where customers are highly engaged, you may include images or graphics and social media icons in your template where they can get to know your brand and products more.

On the other hand, for the Cart Abandonment Flow where a customer has not finished a purchase, I always recommend using a simple template with only one call to action (CTA) that focuses on getting customers to buy what they left on their cart.

To keep emails from getting into spam, find the balance between burning your email list out and increasing conversion rate. For this I recommend sending both promotional and article/content emails within a week to add value and keep your customers engaged.

In the end, always test what works best for your audience.


Email marketing takes a lot of energy and hard work but with a good strategy, flows and campaigns you send eventually help you get to know your audience more and cater to their preferences. This helps you gain and retain your customers for as long as possible.


by KC Chow & Adan De La Cruz

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