5 Types Of Email Subject Line Ideas For Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

1) The Warning Subject Line

– (Name), warning about your job search

– (Name), a warning about this new product launch

– (Name), a warning about this limited time free strategy session

2) The Secret Subject Line

– (Name), top 5 secrets to increase your landing page conversion

– (Name), discover my secret to getting 5 hot leads per day

– (Name), the secrets to happy marriage

3) The Quickest Way Subject Line

– (Name), the quickest way to get back your Ex

– (Name), the quickest way to become a stylish man

– (Name), the quickest way to lose belly fat

4) The Fear Subject Line

– (Name), your competition knows this, do you?

– (Name), do you know you are consuming harmful substance every day?

– (Name), What if you lost your job tomorrow?

5) The Hate subject line

– (Name), I hate it when someone tell me this excuse

– (Name), I hate it when I don’t see you getting result

– ( Name), I hate it when I need to tell you the truth

You can easily tweak these subject line, and make it relevant to your content and target audience.

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