The Four Foundational Email Flows For Your E-commerce Business

The Four Foundational Email Flows For Your E-commerce Business

by KC Chow on

This is KC Chow here, I constantly get asked about what major flows every e-commerce business must have.

In this article I am going to share the top 4 core email flows 

Here you go...

1) Pre Purchase Nurturing Flow - Cold Audience

These email flows target those who left your site and haven’t made any purchase. This flow is designed to nurture them with value based emails in order to be converted into first time buyers.

2) Cart Abandonment Flow - Warm Audience

These series of email flows will target those who haven’t finished their purchase at the checkout but are moderately interested in what it has to offer. Bring them back to your store to remind them to complete their order(s).

3) Browse Abandonment Flow - Warm Audience

This flow targets window shoppers, and it is designed to give them a ‘nudge’ to purchase what they are already interested in based on other similar or related products at your store. 

4) Post Purchase Nurturing Flow - Hot Audience

This flow can also be considered as the customer’s retention flow. The post purchase experience for a customer is important. Knowing that your business appreciates their support for it and that you are showing that you care about their business increases the lifetime value of the customer and encourages repeat business.

With these 4 flows, we tackle 4 stages of buying behaviours with email marketing. If you are new to email marketing, you can start building these 4 flows, collect data, and start generating sales.