3 STEPS To Sell High Ticket Fitness And Health Program Online

3 STEPS To Sell High Ticket Fitness And Health Program Online

by KC Chow on

STEP 1: Create A High Ticket Offer

Create a high ticket program, and sell it up front so that you can cover your acquisition cost and be profitable within 30 days.

Instead of waiting 3-4 months of membership payments to cover your Client Acquisition Cost because you’re giving stuff away at a discount or free like the big box gym.

Your High Ticket Program Should Be:

– Delivering an experience and results to your ideal client. ( Selling a transformation experience)

– Make the program specific and relevant to their goals, struggles, stage of life or other identifiable factors. ( For example, A program for 9 to 5 office workers who are suffering in obesity, and this program should not require much time.)

– Craft your offer and program components around what they need for exercise, mobility, nutrition, education, motivation and accountability.

– Program lengths are 6 Weeks, 8 Weeks, 12 Weeks, 16 Weeks

– With a program investment of $250 – $2500 ++ per sign up (You can sell higher price if you are aiming for the affluent client)

– When pricing your program factor in what you’re delivering, your market and demographics.

STEP 2: Create A Funnel For Application And Appointment Scheduling

After you have crafted a Life Changing Program for your client, you have to treat it like one,

That means you should not offer something cheap upfront on your ad landing page, for example, “50% Discount”, “Buy one get one free” etc

the pages you need for this funnel:

Survey Page > Application + Email Capture Page

Survey page will take them 6 to 10 minutes++ to complete, the more steps they need to complete, the higher the quality of your leads. Survey page should ask about their goals, struggles, etc

After they completed the survey, they will need to fill in the application form with their personal information, including phone number and email.

After that, they must self-schedule for a consultation or transformation session

I highly recommend this consultation session to be in person, but online face call will work well too.

STEP 3: Prepare the sales process and sales script

You need to craft the process and script for your sales process that can identify the problem and present a solution to your applicants.

The length should be 30 minutes to 1 hour, the primary purpose is to build relationship and trust, then close the sale.

Your goal here is to give them exactly what they need.

Pricing your program is different from Presenting your price, they may need a different kind of offer, so make sure you have several alternatives!

Right now you need to deliver a fantastic transformation experience for them.

Document peoples success with your program and get them to share those stories

Perhaps use it for marketing purpose in the future.

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