How To Identify “Spam Traps” Inside Your Klaviyo Email List

Hi, this is KC Chow here. Today I’d like to share with you how you can Effectively Utilize email Marketing to your advantage

How spam traps impact on your email sending reputation, and why you should remove it.

Sending emails to spam traps or email subscribers who don’t engage (open email) will cause deliverability problems. Sending emails repeatedly to unengaged recipients will cause ISPs (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.) to evaluate if each recipient wants to receive emails from your domain. 

If the email subscribers don’t engage with multiple emails from you for a certain period of time (50 – 60days), ISPs take it as a sign they don’t want to receive emails from you and they will route the emails to the spam folder or block the delivery.

Top 2 types of spam traps

ISPs spam trap

Pristine spam traps are email addresses created by ISPs. They are new addresses, never used by a sender before.

So how do they end up in your email list?

These embedded email addresses appear on websites, so when spammers scrape websites to grow their contact list, the spam traps end up in their list. Pristine spam traps can also be found on purchased or rented lists.

If an ISP sees someone sending to a spotless spam trap, it’s a sign that this sender is using blackhat methods to collect email addresses.

Landing this sort of spam trap in your contact list is more likely to cause your IP address or your domain to be blocked.

Recycled domain email spam trap

Recycled spam traps are often domain registrations or email addresses that were once valid but have been reassigned for trapping spam. 

A couple of common examples are role addresses (sales@, info@, support@) or email addresses of employees who are no longer with the company.  

Utilize Klaviyo segmentation to identify spam traps in your email list.

Spam traps aren’t real human being, therefore, we can identify spam traps with a few key behaviours, for example:

  • Open/click an email
  • Start a checkout, or place an order
  • Be active on site
  • View products 
  • Open support tickets
  • Leave product reviews, or forget their password

And because all of these things require human effort. You can utilize this data in Klaviyo to segment out possible spam traps email addresses.  

The Klaviyo exact spam trap segment definitions are as shown below, you can create this segment and implement it into your email list cleaning routine.

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