4 Steps to become Top Dental Clinic in your area with Proven Online Clients Attraction System

Hi, this is KC Chow here. Today I’d like to share with you how you can Effectively Utilize email Marketing to your advantage

Most of the dental clinic in your area are not doing the stuff that I am going to share below, If you learn it, it will give you an unfair advantage to outperform your competitors in your area.

The benefit of implementing these 4 steps:

1) You can instantly position yourself as the leading dental in your area.

2) You can easily attract clients that will keep your schedule full.

3) You will build a long lasting relationship with your prospects and clients

4) You will have a high chance to beat your competitors.

Like the old saying….

“If you are not the lead dog, the view is always the same..”

Step 1: Create a “lead magnet” that no one could resist.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is an incentive that marketers offer to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

What kind of lead magnet can you offer?

1) You can offer free dental check-up, or you can offer a discount for first time customer.

2) You can offer a free PDF guide on “5 Steps to prevent tooth decay” or “How to deal with wisdom teeth.

Step 2: Create a Lead Magnet Application Online Sales Funnel

This funnel is designed to capture your prospect email, and phone number for later follow up, also it will encourage them to apply for the first consultation.

if you don’t know how to create a funnel, consult me

, if you have a limiting budget use your website to collect their email, but this is not as effective as a sales funnel.

The pages you need for the funnel:

Lead Magnet Email Capture Page > Thank you page with an application form

Step 3: Drive traffic to it

I highly recommend you hire a Facebook ads agent to run the marketing campaign for you if you already have one, great!

Step 4: Set up follow up strategy

You have to understand most of the conversion happen at the back-end follow up, people rarely buy at their first sight.

At this stage, you can use email or outbound call to follow up with your prospects.


7 days emails follow up

Day1: Thank you email, send your lead magnet to them.

Day2: Brand Introduction / Newsletter

Day3: Educational email ( offer free advice)

Day4: Problem + Solution (Services) email

Day5: Testimonial Email

Day6: Educational email / Newsletter

Day7: Urgency Email (Ending Soon)


NOTE: Don’t just focus on getting more leads and clients, take your time to build the relationship with your existing prospects and clients list. Email follow up is the best way to increase clients retention.

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